Regional Consultation for the UN Study on Violence Against Children
. 5 - 7 July 2005 Ljubljana, Slovenia  
Europe and Central Asia






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Government of Slovenia
Government of Slovenia

The promotion and protection of the rights of children, both boys and girls, are of particular importance to the Republic of Slovenia. Child protection is one of the highest priorities of Slovenia's foreign policy in the fields of human rights and socio economic development.

Slovenia fully shares the concern of the international community about violations of children's rights all over the world. Children are in many cases subject to appalling mistreatment, many suffer discrimination, harassment, violence, sexual abuse or are victims of human trafficking; this is why Slovenia strongly supports the work of independent expert Professor Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, who is in charge of the UN Secretary-General’s global study on violence against children.

A comprehensive approach involving children's voice in combating all forms of violence remains indispensable for breaking the silence of this vulnerable group. Each year, the Republic of Slovenia convenes a Children's Parliament at the local, regional and national levels. On this occasion the children discuss relevant issues that influence their everyday lives. The topic of the thirteenth Children's Parliament was 'Childhood without Violence and Abuse'.

Being well aware of harsh implications of difficult transitional process in many countries on the psychosocial well-being of children, the Slovenian Government, the City of Ljubljana and the nongovernmental organisation Slovene Philanthropy have established the Foundation Together – Regional Centre for Psychosocial Well-being of Children. The Centre devotes particular attention to the psychosocial rehabilitation of children affected by armed conflicts, by post-war poverty and other negative social processes; its basic principle is to strengthen the local structures in the field of child care, to develop new mechanisms for protection and empowering of children, and to stay in the region even after the withdrawal of international assistance.

With this in mind Slovenia is honoured to host in July 2005 the Regional Consultation for the UN Study on Violence Against Children – Europe and Central Asia. Following the consultations, Slovenia will also host the Conference "Yokohama Review for Europe and Central Asia – Combating Sexual Exploitation of Children".

Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia (VARUH-RS.SI)

In 2003 and 2004 the ombudsman’s office ran an advertising campaign entitled ‘Children’s rights are the law!’, aimed at the promotion of children’s rights. Since the majority of violations of children’s rights are caused by adults, often the parents of children, adults were the target group of the campaign. The mass media enabled us free broadcasting of three television advertisements. The campaign began on 10 December 2003 – Human Rights Day – and was continuing also in 2004.

The strategy for the advertising campaign was devised in its entirety at the ombudsman’s office. In addition to the strategy we devised scenarios for individual advertisements, proposals and designs for the print advertisements. A good campaign depends on good knowledge of the target group. We have this knowledge thanks to the cases we deal with and our collaboration with various experts, practicians and NGOs. This is the advantage of an institution that works at both the concrete and general levels, since knowledge of concrete cases enables better knowledge of the target group and thus more effective promotion and education.

Children’s rights are the law!

Children’s rights are the law!

Children’s rights are the law!












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